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The BTOB + BTOC Experience

Through the example of a property developer eager to reconcile the legitimate demands of its buyers and constraints of its partner companies.

You realize individual and collective housing, offices, activities parks, shopping areas and intervene on new programs or rehabilitation operations.

So you know how difficult it is to each end of the project to activate the reserves of lifted operations.

This is often a common work between the Project Owner and the Project Manager, long and laborious, with huge amounts involved and the responsibilities to be shared as the reception is not pronounced correctly and reserves lifted. During this period which extends over several months, your image may be tarnished if the buyers are not satisfied with the monitoring and delivery of interventions contractors.

At the time of the Internet and any incendiary forums, your interest is to be accompanied by a contact center for gain in quality and efficiency.

NETIZENCALL has this expertise:

  • Centralization of data
  • Identify, update the status of reserves
  • Reassure the owners
  • Adapt the uncertainties
  • Expedite and revive suppliers
  • Make a link between interveners
  • Recover quitus
  • Focusing efforts

Subsidiary of a group leader in coating work of floor and wall finishing, which specializes in this type of action, <<NETIZENCALL is your guarantee "of efficient completion."